Providing expert care and support for your mental health needs

We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health and strive to provide the same level of care and support for both. At PEACE & HARMONY HOME HEALTH CARE AND ADULT FOSTER CARE, we offer specialized psychiatric and mental health nursing to help you manage and overcome mental health challenges. We provide care for a broad range of mental health conditions, from depression to anxiety and more.

Our psychiatric and mental health nursing services include the following:

  • Assessment
  • Psychiatric Medication Management, including Injections
  • Providing Specialized Psychiatric Nursing Needs Beyond Just Medical Care
  • Providing Quality Individualize and Comprehensive Psychiatric Home Care Services
  • Assessment of Suicidal, Ideation, Plan, Content, and/or History
  • Assessment of Crisis Events Or Potentials Crises
  • Assessment of Mental Status Each Visit
  • Medication Management
  • Case Management

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